So much to talk about

So many things have happened these last few days. The kickstarter was successful and even surpassed it's target which is amazing.

Met with Matt from Callapro Films, and he has lent me his Canon 5D Mark ii so I've been having fun finding my feet with it.

I've started a 365 day photo a day project with some people I met through kickstarter which is going well and I'm learning a lot from it already. 

Completed a few photoshoots this week for the hopes of making a photozine ready for my exhibition. 

Was also asked by Sophie Paterson to create an image for World MS day Namibia. You can see the chosen image in my portfolio.

ROLL CALL: I'm now looking for dancers to shoot for my upcoming exhibition. If you can be in London in May and are interested or know someone who may be interested then contact me about being involved. 

I'm sure I've missed a few other things but that's it for now!




Some awards

I've been on viewbug for a couple of days now, looking for inspirations and testing the waters to see what people think of my photos! I've had some great feedback and have received a number of peer awards which is great. Amazingly I've also won a featured award. Have a look at my shots and see the prize winner here.

Lots of Love


It begins...

The last few weeks have been hectic. The Kickstarter project is now up and running and we've already had support from several people. If you've not checked it out yet you can find more information on the events page or click through here. 

The logo is ready to go and thanks to Matt from  Callapro Films, business cards are in production. 

Soon I'll be scouting out locations to shoot for the new exhibition and looking for an exhibition space. I'll keep you posted. 

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